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Whom To Trust – A Novel Review

This week, I laid my hands on a super new novel, “Whom to Trust” by Mehak Kalra.

I was scrolling through the Amazon to look for a fresh fiction novel to read. That’s when the novel “Whom To Trust” caught my attention. It is written by Mehak Kalra, a budding author. So, initially, I was not so sure to order it, but looking at the intriguing cover, I couldn’t stop myself from ordering it. I also saw wonderful reviews of the book, which furthered me to order the novel as soon as possible.

Look at a couple of the reviews.

As I just completed the novel and now am writing a review, here I must tell you, I don’t regret picking this novel at all. What a book!

A Thorough Review of Whom To Trust

Whom To Trust is a story of three adults who go about life very harshly. The book starts with a mystery, goes on to trauma, and disengagement, turns to drama and romance in the middle, and finally ends with an overwhelming and unbeatable plot.

The whole novel revolves around three people, that is, Myra, Mishka, and Rivansh. Myra was left with a tragic incident, which turns her whole life upside down. As Myra and her sister move in with family and friends, the story takes an interesting turn. That’s when, Rivansh, one of their family friends, steps up to help the sisters in every way possible

This novel, Whom To Trust, serves a plethora of emotions describing Myra’s life, which is very amazing. I could feel everything she had been going through at different points in time with the interesting writing style only, I could feel how she might have been feeling. In this novel, the character development is done in a very intriguing manner, and the language is easily understandable. What I liked the most in the novel, was the plot. It was breathtaking. Only I know, how have I stopped myself from biting my nails till the last page. I am simply in love with the plot, by heart.

The next most overwhelming thing about the novel Whom To Trust was the poems. The cherry on the cake was these scattered poems in many of the chapters, these poems made me feel exactly what the characters of the novel might have been feeling.

Overall, it was a very good read, and I can not help but recommend this novel. Whom To Trust will be a great read for people fond of contemporary romance, drama, and tragedy.

Order the novel here.



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