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How to Boost Internet Speed in Mobile

A mobile phone without the Internet is nowadays just a gadget that no one would like to touch. The world has gone online and so does us. You and me, we all are interacting, doing business, studying, and doing millions of other things conveniently owing to the internet only. With this much-associated significance, if the internet connection is lost or its speed is affected, almost half of our becomes constant. For those concluding meetings, contracts, studying, etc., internet speed has to be constant for hassle-free surfing. Therefore, we are here to provide you with a few alternatives you can adopt to boost your Internet speed.

Ways to Boost Internet Speed

  1. Check your network signal strength
  2. Close background apps
  3. Clear cache and cookies
  4. Disable auto-updates
  5. Use a VPN
  6. Upgrade your mobile data plan

Let’s get started!

1. Check your network signal strength

One of the primary factors affecting mobile internet speed is network signal strength. If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds on your mobile device, it may be due to a weak network signal. When you have a weak signal, your device may struggle to connect to the network and transfer data, leading to slower speeds.

To improve your network signal strength, try moving to an area with better coverage. You can also try resetting your network settings, which can help your device connect to the network more efficiently.

2. Close background apps to boost internet speed

Having too many apps running in the background can also slow down your mobile internet speed. When multiple apps are open, they can use up your device’s resources and bandwidth, leading to slower internet speeds.

Alternatively, you can use a task manager app to close background apps automatically. These apps can also help optimize your device’s performance and improve your internet speed.

3. Clear cache and cookies

Clearing cache and cookies from your mobile browser can also help boost internet speed. When you browse the web, your browser stores data, such as images and text, in a cache. This can help websites load faster the next time you visit them. However, over time, the cache can become cluttered and slow down your browser’s performance.

To clear the cache and cookies on your mobile device, open your browser settings and find the option to clear browsing data. Then, select the cache and cookies option and clear the data.

4. Disable auto-updates to boost internet speed

Automatic app updates can consume a lot of data, which can affect your mobile internet speed. To prevent this, you can disable auto-updates and update your apps manually when you have a fast internet connection.

To disable auto-updates on your mobile device, go to your app store settings and find the option to disable automatic updates. Then, select the option to update apps manually.

5. Use a VPN

Sometimes, using a VPN can help improve internet speed by connecting to a faster and more stable server. This will boost internet speed for you to use mobile on a consistent connection. A VPN can also help protect your online privacy and security by encrypting your internet traffic.

To use a VPN on your mobile device, you can download and install a VPN app from your app store. Then, follow the app’s instructions to connect to a VPN server.

6. Upgrade your mobile data plan

If you’re constantly experiencing slow internet speeds on your mobile device, consider upgrading to a higher-tier mobile data plan. Higher-tier plans typically offer faster speeds and more data, which can help improve your mobile internet experience. However, be sure to check the cost and other terms and conditions before upgrading your plan.


A high-speed internet or consistent speed internet is the requirement of everyone these days. However, technology is not always reliable. Therefore, if you face any internet speed issues, you can follow these ways and boost your internet speed in a jiffy.



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