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BGMI Unban : BGMI is soon to be back

BGMI is back. BGMI will soon be lifted from its ban in India. The game is reportedly set to return in India on June 18th, although no official word has been given as to the release date.

The official Instagram account of BGMI India has put on an elaborate post assuring the coming back of BGMI in India super soon. They stated that as a responsible company, they have been cautious about laws. They said that they will abide all the laws in India and wholesome experience in game shall return soon. The developer company of BGMI, the KRAFTON has made a firm resolution that it will not stick to the Indian gaming ecosystem. It said that they aim to augment the technological developments in India. With the help of local developers, they aim to get on the pace of growth and Innovation in India.

Some servers in India can find the BGMI App on the Play store right now and there, however it is not available completely. Those too, who can find the App though can not access to it since it displays the Notice that the Server is not online yet. It says that the official page shall put notice of any information regarding its availability.

Krafton Imposes Serious Restrictions on BGMI Players

Here are the main restrictions you should be aware of when playing BGMI

1.Age Restrictions

Players under the age of 18 are restricted from playing BGMI without registration. Therefore, a parent or legal guardian must be registered on behalf of minor when playing. Upon login, you will require to use a one-time password (OTP) to access the game after BGMI unban.

2. Game Time Limit

A player’s game time under the age of 18 is also limited to a maximum of 3 hours per day for him. The game will send a pause reminder to help the player remember the time and continue the game.

3. In-Game Spending Limit

After the BGMI unban, to prevent the player from spending too much on the game. Daily in-game spending limit is set at his 7,000 INR (85 USD).

Krafton introduced these restrictions to reduce video game addiction, one of the government’s concerns about gaming. The company also tries to curb wastefulness and violent imagery in its games. It is important that players are aware of and adhere to these restrictions. If you are under the age of 18, please make sure to register a parent or legal guardian before playing BGMI. Also keep an eye on your gaming time and spending habits. Following these simple rules, BGMI can be a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Krafton Releases Official Statement regarding BGMI, that said, “BGMI servers will be unavailable for a while to come up with a better and bigger experience. While we are working to give you a seamless experience, your account will be safe and your progress till now will retain. We will inform with further developments and the release dates through our social media platforms.”

Indian Government Statement on BGMI Unban

Meanwhile, India’s Minister of State for Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, Rajeev Chandrashekhar, announced on Twitter that the BGMI game will initially be available for three months. During this time, Indian authorities will closely monitor his BGMI dependencies and impact on users. If the game violates the Government rules, it can be banned again.

As part of the upcoming changes, the game will reportedly allow him to be available for a few hours a day. With some restrictions on playing time, users will not be able to participate in his 24-hour game. Additionally, there have been no suicide reports as the government had questioned the company to make other changes to reduce the risk of addiction. However, the official announcement is still pending and we still don’t know what changes will come with it.

Download from:


Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India
Developer: KRAFTON, Inc.
Price: To be announced


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